Meditation in Rishikesh

Climate of Rishikesh

Awaken your inner Om as you hear your breath mingle with the gurgle of the Ganges and your body lightens up with the intake of the Himalayan serenity. You have landed in Rishikesh, the yoga and meditation capital of the world.

Rishikesh, the place dubbed as the Gateway to the Himalayas, the land where Beatles were transformed, the land where ascetics were enlightened – has a high status to live up to. No wonder then the place is sprinkled with numerous meditation centers, ashrams, and high-end retreats.

The town of Rishikesh remains immersed in religious activities throughout the day. And yoga and meditation have been inseparable parts of this practice since time immemorial. This conduct of everyday life adds sanctity to the already refreshing air of the Himalayan Mountains, and makes the place ideal for yoga and meditation practices.

In Rishikesh, both banks of Holy River Ganges are dotted with numerous ashrams, temples, and yoga retreats, where extended meditation practice is the part of everyday life.

Popular meditation centers in Rishikesh include:

Parmarth Niketan
Parmarth Rishikesh
Lying across the left bank of Holy River Ganga, Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh is among the most famous ashrams of the area. The ashram has over thousand rooms to accommodate pilgrims and visitors coming from different parts of the world. The sprawling campus gives the guests an opportunity to feel the majestic Ganges River. The Ashram runs various yoga and meditation programs that also include lessons on Vedic heritage and spirituality. The Ganga aarti, or the prayer to the holy river, an elaborate ritual performed at the banks of the river every day at sunset, is a spectacular site that is best experienced when witnessed live.

Parmarth Niketan also organizes International Yoga Festival. Therefore, apart from gaining meditative insight, at Parmarth you also get to receive the sacred, inspiring and uplifting wisdom provided by saints and esteemed yogis from across the world.
Sivananda Ashram
Sivananda Ashram in Rishikesh
Located about 3 kms from the main town of Rishikesh, Sivananda Ashram is the headquarters of the world-renowned Divine Life Society, founded by Swami Sivananda in 1936. The land around the ashram is called ‘Devabhoomi’, ‘the abode of Gods’. Enveloped in serenity, the Ashram provides free accommodation facilities to pilgrims and serious spiritual seekers. It offers prolonged courses on yoga and meditation along with daily free lessons for daily visitors.
Sanskriti Yogapeeth
A modern yoga and meditation school, Sanskriti Yogapeeth is located in the most-happening Swarg-Ashram area of Rishikesh. Sanskriti was founded in 2010 and provides all the facilities you expect to get at a high-end hotel. The school runs several yoga and meditation classes every morning and during evening hours. Apart from meditative practices, residing visitors also get to learn about classical Indian music and dance, yoga philosophy and different aspects of Ayurvedic science.
Yoga Niketan
Situated at a walking distance from Lakshman Jhula towards Badrinath, Yoga Niketan was founded by Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramhans. The ashram is known for following the traditional way of teaching and practicing yoga and meditation, which are strictly based on eight fold path of yoga as per mentioned in the Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Residents of Ashram are provided a minimum 15 days yoga retreat. Outside visitors can also attend daily yoga classes offered at Yoga Niketan. Visitors come to these and many other ashrams and retreats that dot the area throughout the year. For those who want to learn meditation but are not comfortable with ashram life, meditation retreats come across as a great option. Rishikesh is a spiritual retreat that offers an experience unparalleled.

Ganga Ghats

Ganga Ghats in Rishikesh
Ganga Ghats are spread across all the towns and cities that share the banks of the holy river.


Yoga in Rishikesh
Yoga ashrams are places of yoga sanctity. Almost all ashrams in and around Rishikesh.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in Rishikesh
Rishikesh is a ‘must visit’ place on every rafters map, and rightly so. Plunging from the Himalayan

Rishikesh Temples

Rishikesh Temples
The Hindu saint, Adi Shankaracharya, built many temples in Rishikesh.

Best time to Travel

Spring Season in Rishikesh
Spring season is ideal for exploring the locales, and are perfect for adventures activities.

Lakshman Jhula

Lakshman Jula Rishikesh
Lakshman Jhula, a 450 ft long hanging bridge across the river Ganga at a height of 70 ft.

How to Reach

Travelling Rishikesh
The best way to reach Rishikesh is to first reach the national capital – New Delhi.


Accomodation in Rishikesh
Rishikesh offers a wide range of accommodation options for typical hitchhikers.

Rishikesh and Beyond

Beyond Rishikesh
Rishikesh is the center from where all excursions – spiritual or adventurous - begin.